Frequently Asked Questions

How are concreate products unique?

Each concreate item is handcrafted and therefore no piece is the same. Due to the very nature of concrete, there are unique variances in shades of colour throughout the benchtops, with a mottled/marbling appearance on the surface. Each piece is individual, like a fingerprint and you can tap into your own creative flair or call on our design expertise for your creation. You can choose from a variety of colours, thicknesses, finishes and design elements to create your own piece. Or you can keep things simple and choose from our set colour palette and standard finishes. You dream it, we concreate it!

What is aggregate?

By aggregate we mean the elements in the concrete: gravel and crushed stone. It's really the 'decorative' part of the concrete. You can choose from a few different looks - either the standard non-exposed aggregate (the smoothest look), partially exposed aggregate or fully exposed aggregate. The more exposed the aggregate, the more rugged and raw the concrete looks.

Are they created on or off-site?

The majority of our benchtops and other concreate products are created in our workshop in Botany, NSW. Once you have sent us your details, we can then proceed with the next step, which most often includes you providing us your accurate shop drawings or may involve a site visit to assess your individual needs and establish a quote for freight and installation. It is also possible to have the benchtops built on site, however this will incur additional charges.

I want to build onto an existing benchtop, can it handle the weight of concrete?

This is usually a straightforward process and can be advised by your builder and/or engineer, who we can consult with.

Do the benchtops stain?

Concrete, like natural stone, is porous and therefore needs to be cared for like other kitchen surfaces. The sealer we use creates an impervious surface so regular kitchen items like, oil, wine, vinegar should not stain if removed within a reasonable time period.

Do they need to be regularly re-sealed? Is there a warranty?

We provide a one-year warranty with our benchtops, provided you adhere to our care instructions that are emailed you once your benchtop is installed. Those that are indoors should be fine for 5-8 years. Outdoor benchtops may need re-sealing a little earlier than this.

Are there any issues with cracking?

Concrete benchtops can occasionally develop hairline cracks as a result of natural shrinkage of the concrete. If this occurs, it tends to be non-structural and such minor imperfections add to the unique appeal and character of the benchtop.

OK, so I really want one, but is it going to break the bank?

As a guideline, the price of a concreate benchtop sits between that of a re-engineered stone one and a natural stone one of the equivalent thickness. Our benchtops are generally less expensive than marble, granite and natural stone of the equivalent thickness.

Pricing depends primarily on the amount of labour and detail involved in the creation of your benchtop and the accessibility of your site. If built off-site, as the majority of our creations are, then transportation and installation must also be considered. A final price will be established after a conversation with you - we work in unison with you throughout the whole quoting process so that there are no surprises.

How do I maintain my concreate benchtop?

Cleaning a concrete benchtop is the same process as for regular benchtops. Solvents and significant heat (e.g. hot pots) are best kept off the benchtop. Also avoid abrasive and acidic soaps, cleaners and scourers.

Azure Interiors Concreate concrete benchtop

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